The Baseball Zone
The Baseball Zone

Baseball Batting Cages

We have 5 coin operated batting cages that are open to the public. Our machines are set at slow, medium, and fast speeds, and can be adjusted to fit the needs of any batter. We use the Iron Mike arm throwing pitching machine in all of our baseball cages. These machines have an arm that winds up and delivers the ball - just like a real pitcher. The arm throwing pitching machine will not only help a hitter improve their swing, but will also help them master rhythm and timing, which is a very important aspect of hitting. 


Batting Cage Prices


1 Token $2.00
3 Tokens $5.00
7 Tokens $10.00
15 Tokens $20.00


*Each token provides 15 pitches

Spring Batting Cage Hours


Monday - Friday  3-9 pm
Saturday  10 am - 8 pm
Sunday  10 am - 8 pm


The Baseball Zone
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