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High School Hitting Clinics (Baseball / Ages 13-18)

The High School Hitting Clinics are structured for the High School player looking to improve their skills to compete at a high level in High School and possibly beyond.

Each session is 90 minutes. Players will be trained through a professional style approach to hitting. We will utilize training methods and drills to help develop proper hitting mechanics, while also providing players with plenty of quality repetitions.


Clinic Highlights

  • Review and analyze player's batting stances. We will only make stance adjustments as needed
  • Teach players the importance of timing.
  • Work on the proper load to to get to a powerful coiled position.
  • Train hitters to move the body properly, which in turn will create launch angle and the desired "line drive" ball flight. Many players try for launch angle by "uppercutting". This movement is wrong and not what Major League players do. We will show video of  how MLB players do it so players can see for themselves.
  • Train hand path and how the bat should be moved through the hitting zone. This is often taught incorrectly. We will once again show players through video how the Major Leaguers do it! 
  • Talk about the importance of mental approach and proper strategy as a hitter.
  • Two-strike approach and situational hitting will also be discussed and taught.

* Hit Trax technology will be used so players can view their metrics


* Hack Attack machine will be set to throw curveballs and sliders


The program will be taught by our Baseball Zone professional coaching staff. Group sizes will be small to ensure lots of attention and reps for each player.


Program Details

Ages: 13-18
Day/Times:  Wednesday 12-1:30 pm / Saturday 11 am - 12:30 pm

Cost per session: $45


Wednesday Sessions

February 3, 10, 17, 24

Saturday Sessions

February 6, 13, 20, 27


Important Note: We do not cancel classes, however, if we have only one player registered we will do a 30 minute session. If there are two players registered we will do a one hour session.



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