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Infielder Workouts (Ages 8-13)

The Baseball Zone will be offering "pop up" Infield Clinics during the Spring. This is a great program for players looking to improve their infield play. Most players at the amateur level do not spend enough time working on defense. Becoming a better infielder requires proper techniques, lots of targeted drills and reps, and the knowledge and tools to improve.


Our goal with this program is to provide players with an environment to learn and get quality reps.

Highlights of the Infielder Workouts


  • Proper set up and movement into fielding position
  • Footwork
  • Proper Glove hand use
  • Forehands and Backhands
  • Double Plays
  • Slow rollers / Charge plays
  • Positional Fundamentals
  • Throwing mechanics
  • Understanding situations and positioning
  • Cut plays and relays


Ages: 8-13


Next Session: Saturday, March 18


Time: 10-11 am


Cost: $40




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