The Baseball Zone
The Baseball Zone

Baseball and Softball Batting Cages

The Baseball Zone has 5 token operated batting cages that are open to the public. In three of our cages we use the Ultimate Trainer 3000 pitching machine. These machines are the most versatile batting cage machine on the market. The UT 3000 offers up to 8 speed selections (4 for softball and 4 for baseball). By using this type of machine we are able to accommodate the speed desire for any softball or baseball hitter.


Ultimate Trainer 3000 pitch speed selections


Softball (slow-pitch with arc)
Softball (fast-pitch) – slow, medium, fast
Baseball – slow, medium, medium-fast, fast

We also use the Iron Mike arm throwing pitching machine in two of our cages. These machines have an arm that winds up and delivers the ball. We can set the machine to virtually any speed for baseball.

Batting Cage Prices


1 Token $3.00
2 Tokens $5.00
5 Tokens $10.00
12 Tokens $20.00


*Each token provides 15 pitches

Batting Cage Hours


Note: Batting cages are typically open much later than 9 pm due to late night soccer rentals. Please call 240-428-1390 or email for daily hours. Make sure to check with us before coming after 9 pm.


Monday - Friday  12 - 9 pm
Saturday  9 am - 9 pm
Sunday  9 am - 9 pm


The Baseball Zone
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Gaithersburg, MD 20877


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