The Baseball Zone
The Baseball Zone


Further enhance your team training by renting space with us! There are many options to choose from when renting space (see below).


Our training facility includes 5 token operated or timer controlled batting cages, a 50’W x 120’L field with the ability to convert the field into 6 training cages (hitting or pitching), and a dedicated 11’W x 66’L pitching lane.


"Half-Field rental provides up to 3 cages / "Full-Field" rental provides up to 6 cages. We can pull the nets on the field to customize your training needs.


Half Field, Full Field, and Token Cage Photos below...

The Baseball Zone is a great choice for your off-season and in-season training needs.


We encourage teams to not only rent with us during the colder months, but to look at using our batting cages in-season to further enhance hitting development. Most teams do not have enough time during a typical outdoor practice to get hitters enough swings. Furthermore, most outdoor sites are not equipped with the tools needed for a quality pro-like batting practice. Using our facility will provide your players with lots of quality reps in a short amount of time. You have the option of using pitching machines or throwing “live-pitch” with real baseballs behind an L-screen. 


*The Baseball Zone utilizes bright LED lighting, which will enhance your training experience. We are also climate controlled. You will be comfortable no matter what the season!

Pricing 30 minutes 1 Hour
Hack Attack or Jugs machine $40 $80
Iron Mike Machine on Token side $40 $80
Pitching Lane 11'W x 66'L (includes mound) $30 $60
Gym Side Field (Can convert up to 4 cages with option to use pitching machine) NA

$200 or $225 w/machine

Half Field (Can convert up to 3 cages with option to use pitching machine) NA $150 or $175 w/machine
Full Field (Can convert up to 6 cages with option to use pitching machine) NA $250 or $275 w/machine
  • Field - Teams must rent "Half Field" or "Full Field". If a team wants only 1 or 2 cages they must rent the Iron Mike machines on the cage side of the facility.
  • Individuals may rent a lane for 30 minutes or more on the field. All lanes include an L-screen, tee, and baseballs or softballs. The cost is $40 per half hour.


The Baseball Zone
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